DC/DC – Switching Regulator

MORNSUN DC DC switching regulator is the high-efficiency non-isolated DC DC converter with the packages of SIP, DIP, SMD, DFN or chassis mounting available, and delivers no-load input current as low as 0.1mA, operating temperature as high as 105℃ and high efficiency up to 97%. They are pin-out compatible with LM78xx linear regulators (SIP package). The newest micro-size non-isolated DC DC switching regulator K78-R4 series released with an ultra-thin DFN package has undergone a fundamental change in dimension and packaging which is manufactured via the Chiplet SiP (system in package) process, and its appearance has changed from simpleness and roughness to refinement. With technology innovation, the R4 series enables you to save space, save cost, free your designs and meet your increasing high requirements.

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